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Calle Batalla de Villaviciosa, 11, Guadalajara, España

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Candy Cox is an icon on Hard Techno and Techno World.
She stands strong on her position among the pioneers artists exported from Brazil to the world, being part of the reasons why this underground styles of music are still alive, and always will be. Candy is considered one of the greatest female names that built a very solid work along the years, whether playing Hard Techno beats, or playing the most pure and delightful Techno.
Her work is based on the love for the music and the full dedication to her favourite genres of Electronic Music.

After 10 years of career, this gorgeous and talented Brazilian Djane, born in Curitiba, Brazil, already made so many dance floors around the globe gone crazy, and became one of the most demanded artists on the main Festivals and Clubs in Europe like Awakenings (Netherlands), Dreambeach (Spain), Decibel (Netherlands), Technoflash (Spain), Toxicator (Germany), Apokalypsa (Czech Republic), Syndicate (Germany), Aquasella (Spain), Florida135 (Spain), Fabrik (Spain), Industrial Copera (Spain), Club U60311 (Germany).

Candy felt in love with music when she was just a little girl, and her influences comes from all kinds of music, since ‘Classical Music’ to more extreme sounds.
Music is her life.
And when Candy listened Techno for the first time, it was »LOVE AT FIRST BEAT».

With her sweet and classy personality, loads of charism and much love and respect for the crowd, Candy puts her heart and soul on her work, spreading this music love wherever she goes, inspiring the crowd with »some kind of magic» as some fans says.
She is an unique and authentic artist that developed a very particular and remarkable connection with the music followers (Techno Lovers), putting all her energy and passion together on her performances, creating an unforgettable atmosphere on the dance floor each time she is on stage, Candy amuses with energetic sounds, clever mixings, always trying and blending different textures on her sets, making powerful and explosive beats, and plus, she combined all of this talent with a very precious smile.

On 2014, Candy Cox joined forces with Daniela Haverbeck, one of the greatest Djanes and Producer on the Techno / Hard Techno Scene, from Chile. Working alone, this two ladies conquered the European dance floors years ago, when there were only a few female Techno / Hard Techno Djanes in the scene. And on a short period of time, this powerful duo have won the respect and admiration from colleagues and followers rocking the best festivals and parties together on 4 decks, as No.Dolls, their duo´s name. Their performances are a quite of an experience each time they kick off. When it comes to music production, No.Dolls presents tracks that are a perfect combination of both artist´s musical tastes, and the results are blowing mind tracks by this two amazing ladies.


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